Award Winning        Reporter & Anchor

Behind the Desk

Behind the desk I am an industrious and energetic anchor with nearly 10 years of polished experience who actively works with those around him to lead, cultivate, and create compelling storytelling, continue developing coverage, and breaking news.


-I was on the desk for five-hours of continuing breaking news coverage as a local Uber driver killed six people and critically hurt two others.


-I have anchored countless developing weather stories. As the sun rose on each storm our coverage uncovered everything from damage to deaths.


-I have interviewed presidential candidates and Presidential visits. I have anchored live coverage of the world's largest 25-kilometer road race each year; a five-hour live show of insight, play-by-play, and eventually an American Championship awarded.

In the Field

In the field is where I thrive; no teleprompter or studio lights, just my knowledge of what I've gathered, learned and my surroundings to actively connect with the audience. I look for any opportunity to get out in the field and anchor - it shows the audience the importance and magnitude of the story.


In the field, I have covered a tornado's destruction through the city; presidential debates; I've marked anniversary's of my community's most infamous days; I've followed local soldiers as they answered the call to help those ravaged by historic disasters; and I've been on the ice as our professional hockey team raised the league championship. 


I will always be the first to volunteer to leave the comforts of the studio in order to get as close to the story for the community as possible. 

On Assignment

On assignment, with a camera and a microphone is where I find some of my most treasured moments. They're stories from people who walk the same streets as me, shop at the same grocery store, meet at the same church or gym but see the world through a different lens, different experience. Bringing those experiences to life through their words so others can see what they see is a gratifying assignment. From a one minute and thirty-second story to a half hour special - everyone has some different to share that hopefully touches everyone differently when shared.

Casey's Cut

I created Casey's Cut as a Digital First, web exclusive brand. Its purpose is to give stories more breath and more breadth. We will take personal journies or revisit previous stories and add an update or share progress. These are meant to be a more uplifting side for the audience and at times thought provoking.